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This online benefits software will allow employees to view benefits that they have elected. Employees will also be allowed to email or call the representatives to ask questions, and in some cases make changes to policies that are not restricted to open enrollment. Weblink access provides access to personalized account information and access to other information concerning the benefit. During open enrollment periods, you will also be allowed to view accounts, print enrollment forms, link certain websites to enroll online, or contact representative for further information.
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Medical Benefits Online
Alexander & Company works exclusively with school systems and colleges to help the employees of those institutions get the most efficient use of their employee benefit dollars. They do this by teaching every single person, from the veteran member of the Board to the first year teacher what they never knew before; how the benefits they are offered work, and how to make better choices within those benefits.
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The MyGaDOE Portal is a gateway to all the online software and services provided by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE). This secure website is an online interface designed to improve your interaction with the applications and services that GaDOE provides. Here, you can consolidate your access to applications, provide you with quick access to a variety of new and existing services, provide you with news and tips, provide a way for GaDOE staff to communicate with you through messages as well as providing you with quick access to documentation, online help, and training materials.
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